//What we do

  • We know public opinion, we have a sense for the "public sense". What are people saying about you? How do they feel about you? What is the public image of the organisations and projects that you want to advance? How do you manage to mobilise and engage people in the pursuit of your goals? What is your "call to action"?
  • We are familiar with political interests, currents and socio-political trends.
  • We know what moves people - and how they can be moved.
  • We can analyse the specific interests and needs of each target group - and we know how to reach them.
  • We design and execute your campaign for all channels.
  • We orchestrate effective digital mobilization that influences young target groups in a relevant and lasting way through impactful translation and distribution of messages across all digital channels and social networks.

Wie wir arbeiten

//How we work

We believe in the power of credible communication

We validate our results with proven, data-based models.

We utilise the latest techniques in representative opinion research and public opinion polling.

We formulate your messages in a way that makes them meaningful to each individual person.

We combine your messages with larger stories, which we tell in both diverse and individual ways. Because they can only develop their full potential if the personal needs of different social groups are reflected in them.

We master all facets of digital communication, including all social media channels.

This means: Digital first! But thanks to our origins as a PR agency, we also know how to tie even the most specific topics to messages of overriding social relevance.

That is why we unite the dynamics of the new media with the means of classical communication and thus reach all target groups relevant to you.

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//Who we are

We combine many years of high-level journalistic and political experience in public relations and strategic communications consulting with the creative power of a successful campaign and communications agency that has been developing and implementing successful communications measures for countless clients for over 20 years.

At FAKTOR 3 Public Sense, journalists, political consultants, creatives and analysts work together on the optimal solution for your communication.

Stefan Schraps

Stefan Schraps


Prof. Michael Rutz

Prof. Michael Rutz


Michael Rutz worked as a political journalist in key positions at important German media outlets for decades. This experience, as well as his university teaching and high-level consulting mandates in the political, economic and cultural spheres, combine to form an overall strategic expertise that can meet any challenge.

Harald Gutsch

Harald Gutsch


Harald Gutsch has been using his analytical and strategic skills in the planning and implementation of effective digital communication projects for companies and organisations from a wide variety of industries and sectors for many years. A political scientist and philosopher by training, he is passionate about the intersection of digital trends & technologies on the one hand and socially relevant topics and messages on the other, which he excels at combining in new ways again and again.


Analysis and Data Intelligence

  • Surveying and monitoring of public opinion including evaluation, preparation of options for action and strategic recommendations

  • Research, analysis and evaluation of political decision-making processes

  • Stakeholder and influencer mapping and analysis

  • Target group analysis and segmentation according to specific communication goals

Strategy and Conception

  • Formulation of political messages, position papers, arguments and speeches

  • Topic development and campaign conception

  • Target group- and channel-specific translation of messages for social media

  • Channel strategies for all target groups (digital, print, TV)

Content and Creation

  • Development of formats for all channels: Online, Print, PR, Social Media

  • Conceptual and visual idea development

  • Image and video production

  • Journalistic editing

Distribution and Campaigning

  • Cross-media distribution online / offline

  • Public Relations and Media Relations

  • Influencer Relations and Marketing

  • Paid media

  • Social media publishing and community management

  • Microtargeting according to interests and contextual factors

  • Events



Strategic Political Consulting

  • Analysis of the details of political issues
  • Definition of positioning and communication goals
  • Design of a targeted public or confidential political communication strategy
  • Precise content implementation in all media
  • Mediation and moderation of individual measures
  • Personal communication consulting for executives

Corporate Reputation

  • CEO Positioning
  • Corporate Citizenship
  • CSR
  • Crisis communication
  • Litigation

Image Campaigns and Positioning

  • Activation and image campaigns online / offline
  • Positioning of personalities (Personal Branding)

Election Campaigning

  • Strategy consulting and development of advertising materials
  • 360° Mobilization Campaigns
  • Audience building and social media microtargeting campaigns
  • Election campaigns for constituency candidates


  • Press conferences
  • Background discussions
  • Round tables
  • Problem-oriented discussion rounds and panels
  • Parliamentary breakfasts
  • Parliamentary evening receptions



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